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The Daily Scholar (TDS) creates a unique space for you to share interesting information and news articles, create original opinion editorials, and debate hot topics. TDS values your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs while inviting you to share them in a cogent and engaging manner. If you disagree with someone, you can write an article on the same topic or debate the author of any article.

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Getting started on TDS is easy. Simply create an account by clicking on the “join” button on the homepage and follow the instructions. TDS takes your privacy very seriously. Therefore, creating an account requires nothing more than your name and email address.

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Sharing Articles: TDS allows you to easily share articles from mainstream media, alternative news sites or other relevant sites. To publish an article, simply write a quick summary about the article, put your own, thoughtful spin on the content, provide the URL to the original article, upload a picture to represent the article, and click “publish”.

Writing Articles: Passionate writers and aspiring journalists can publish their own, original news articles and share them with the rest of the TDS community. TDS does not filter content and will allow you to publish your article without hesitation.


Writing Articles: TDS highly values your opinions and thoughts. Whether you are a passionate writer or a news junkie, TDS provides a perfect venue for you to publish an opinion-editorial on any topic. TDS does not filter our site content and will allow you to publish your article without censorship.

Thoughts of the Day

Share your thoughts and ideas in 255 characters or less. Whether you just want to let off some intellectual steam or voice your opinion on the latest topic, TDS allows you to easily share what’s on your mind with other users. Simply click on the “thought” button, write your thought, and share it with the rest of the TDS community.


Anyone can share a comment on an article, but can you debate the topic? And win the debate? TDS allows you to debate the author of any article. If you disagree with a user’s opinion or premise in an article they posted, simply click the “debate” button at the bottom of the article and start debating.

Each debater gets one point and one counter-point (500 words or less). Once the debate is finished, the debate will be published for all TDS users to read. In addition, users will have 72 hours to vote for whom they think won the debate. Results will be posted at the end of the 72-hour voting period.

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If you have ideas, need support, or want to share any issues you have with TDS, please feel free to contact us!