Venezuela has been a mess for a long time. Venezuelans have rioted in the streets due to supposed government corruption and citizens have been unable to obtain basic food due to a significant shortage of U.S. dollars. Imports have been extremely limited as a result.

The current food crisis is so bad that the government is installing mandatory fingerprint readers in grocery stores to limit how much food customers buy. President, Nicolas Maduro, is mandating the system be instituted later this year to combat food shortages. President Maduro refers to this process as an "anti-fraud" system. The country uses a similar system to prevent voter fraud during elections.

The Socialist country has struggled to boost its economy with reforms. Some Venezuelans are calling for a complete economic overhaul to boost the economy. The country's leadership has instituted very strict current controls; some believe these economic policies have limited the countries economy.

Basic food shortages, like bread, flour, and cooking oil, have been rampant for over a year. The country attempted a "voluntary" system this past spring in an attempt to quell some customers from buying and hoarding resources. The AP reports basic staples have been out of stock in grocery stores since this past January.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.