The Ebola virus has spread rapidly in the past three weeks with over 40% of the total cases being reported within the aforementioned timeframe. Ebola has claimed 1,552 lives of the 3,069 infected, according to the World Health Organization. The overall fatality rate of the virus is about 52%, which is significantly lower than the Congo strain which boasts a 90% fatality rate.

Several west African countries have closed their borders to travelers to prevent further spread of the virus. Officials, both local and international, have warned that the virus is out of control and may require intervention from the international community. The medical staff in Africa simply cannot keep up with the demands and most hospitals are ill equipped to deal with the epidemic.

Despite Senegal closing its borders, the first case of Ebola was reported Friday. A 21-year old Conakry university student was placed in quarantine in Fann hospital in Dakar after tests revealed he tested positive for the virus. This comes one week after Senegal closed its border with Guinea. The student is reportedly in stable condition.

Despite what fearmongers may be claiming about the outbreak, scientists and physicians claim the virus is not a viable global threat. Western Africa is simply ill-equipped to effectively deal with the outbreak and most medical professionals do not have access to enough medical supplies or even properly equipped facilities (click here for more information).

Current Ebola Outbreak Breakdown by Country:

Guinea: 648 infected / 430 deaths

Liberia: 1,378 infected / 694 deaths

Nigeria: 17 infected / 6 deaths

Sierra Leone: 1,026 infected / 422 deaths

Senegal: 1 infected/0 deaths

Total: 3,069 infected / 1552 deaths

Image credit: Reuters
Source: Center for Disease Control