A government watchdog group recently released a report alleging that ISIS is operating in Ciudad Juarez and is currently planning terrorist attacks using car bombs. Judicial Watch claims the information has been confirmed from high ranking law enforcement and intelligence personnel.

Intelligence officials have picked up chatter and radio talk indicating the terrorists are planning to "carry out an attack on the border" very soon.

Apparently the attacks are so close to occurring that both Homeland Security and Defense agencies have been placed on "high alert." Fort Bliss is currently a target of ISIS. Ft. Bliss has increased its security measures and is taking preventive action as result of the impending threat.

The border has been an ongoing crisis that has seemingly been placed on the back burner by both Congress and the Obama Administration. Obama initially indicated he would complete as much immigration reform via executive action, as possible.

Many expected Obama to take action during the latter part of Summer. It now appears the impending "executive amnesty" will not occur until after the midterm elections. Republicans claim Obama is only delaying the aforementioned executive action to protect Democrats running for office during the mid term elections.

The border has been an "absolute sieve" as many children, women, men, and even dangerous gang members have crossed the border with little to no resistance. Texas ranchers near the border claim the Mexican drug cartels are overrunning the border and many dangerous gangsters are entering the country.

Texas Rancher, Cuban Monsees, has stated the gangsters are using threats, assault, and even attempted murder to try and drive ranchers from their own land. Monsees claims there are "trails everywhere" around the border where people from all over the world are crossing illegally.

"We get kids. We get adults. The cartel is bringing across, importing people from as far away as the Mediterranean. I've talked to agents and they picked up some characters from Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Syria… anything that you can think of these agents are having to deal with."

Border patrol agent, Javier Vega, was murdered by two illegal immigrants in early August after they attempted to rob him and his father while they were fishing. The two individuals, Gustavo Tijerina, 30, and Ismael Hernandez, 40, were detained by police and charged with murder. Sadly, Tijerina and Hernandez have been detained and deported, prior to committing murder, four and two times respectively.

Texas Governor, Rick Perry, invited Obama to the border so he could witness the extent of the crisis and discuss the issue with Texas locals. Obama snubbed the offer and because "this isn't theater" and he is not "interested in photo ops." Obama was heavily criticized for the decision as he was attending fundraisers in Colorado and Texas around the time he was invited to witness the breadth and scope of the humanitarian crisis.

The Obama Administration has also been heavily criticized for releasing illegal immigrants who are known criminals. Many of the immigrants released have been perpetrators of violent crimes, including murder. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released 67,879 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions in 2013. The department reportedly made no moves to deport the individuals out of the country.

Thousands of immigrants are caught and detained at the border each month. Many of the immigrants are women and children and the children are often unaccompanied minors who have made their way through Mexico with dangerous mules who have been paid to take them to the border. Over 30,000 individuals were detained during July 2014.

The wave of immigrants crossing the border has created a massive humanitarian crisis. Not only does ICE not have the resources to deal with so many individuals in need but they also do not have the capacity to help house the individuals or the neccesary manpower to ensure proper processing takes place. ICE has bussed immigrants to spots all over the country and has warned schools to be prepared for an influx of individuals who do not speak English.

The backlog for legally processing individuals is over 400,000 strong and growing. Thousands of women and children remain at detention centers near the border.

Immigrants from 75 nations in the world have been detained trying to cross the Mexican border. Some of the countries include: Yemen, Pakistan, Egypt, Somalia, China, and several other African and Middle Eastern countries (source here).

With Obama looking to gather NATO support to militarily strike ISIS overseas, the group could very well be knocking on our back door. Congress needs to get its act together and secure the border and look to pass comprehensive immigration reform. This unnecessary crisis has gone on way too long and it has already cost some American lives. It needs to stop before Americans pay an even bigger price.

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*September 7, 8:45am: This story has been updated to include additional details.