Sierra Leone Orders Citizens to Stay Inside For Three Days

In an unprecedented move, government officials in Sierra Leone have ordered all of its citizens to stay home for three consecutive days in an effort to help fight the Ebola outbreak. Sierra Leone is home to 5.8 million citizens and authorities have struggled mightily in containing the spread of Ebola throughout the populace.

The order is in effect from September 19-21 and both soldiers and police will be deployed throughout the country to enforce the order.

Ebola is Out of Control and is Likely to Spread

The World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control have both made public statements about the largest Ebola outbreak in history. Both agencies agree that if the virus is not soon contained, more than 20,000 people will probably be infected within the next three months.

The western African countries impacted by the virus are simply not capable of providing enough medical care for all the infected people. In some countries, the medical systems are on the verge of collapse as some hospitals have closed and some medical professionals have gone on strike. Over 20 medical staff have died as a result of the virus.

Liberia Set Up Quarantine Zones

Liberia recently set up quarantine zones to combat the virus. The containment zones led to riots with police and caused some quarantined citizens to escape the zone by climbing over fences and evading police (read more here).

Ebola Has Inflicted and Killed Thousands

Ebola has claimed over 1,848 lives, according to CDC data as of August 31, 2014, in five western African countries. A total of 3,707 have been infected by the virus.

Ebola Infection Breakdown:

Guinea: Infected - 771, Deaths - 494 (64% death rate)
Liberia: Infected - 1698, Deaths - 871 (51% death rate) Nigeria: Infected - 21, Deaths - 7 (33% death rate) Senegal: Infected - 1, Deaths - 0 (0% death rate) Sierra Leone: Infected - 1216, Deaths - 476 (39% death rate)

Total: Infected - 3707, Deaths - 1848 (50% death rate)
*data current from the Center for Disease Control as of August 31, 2014

Image Credit: AFP/Getty Images