Russia state media is reporting that 200 aid trucks have entered Ukraine and reached the city of Lugansk to deliver much needed supplies, medicine and food to eastern Ukraine.

Nine trucks are carrying medicine and health supplies and the rest of the trucks contain various supplies and food. Residents of the self declared republic of Lugansk will begin receiving aid on Monday.

"Now the humanitarian aid has been received and we thank the Russian Federation for help in these difficult times. The humanitarian aid will be distributed on Monday," said the leaders of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic.

Ukranian custom officials reportedly refused to inspect the contents of the trucks. Ukraine accused Russia of a "direct invasion" last time Russia sent a large aid convoy to eastern Ukraine last month. Kiev claimed Russia was simply sending supplies to aid the Russian rebels in fighting against Ukrainian troops.

A ceasefire has been in place since September 5 although there have been various reports of both sides violating the ceasefire, at times.

The Obama Administration, along with NATO, authorized new economic sanctions against Russia this past Thursday. The new sanctions target Russian energy and defense investments. Russian President, Vladimir Putin, claims he is considering retaliation for "strange" sanctions against his country. Russia has recently authorized counter-economic sanctions against the United States and NATO countries.

Photo credit: Reuters