Hurricane Odile made landfall late Sunday night turning the popular tourist attraction, Los Cabos, into a destruction zone. The category 4 hurricane was downgraded to a category 3 shortly before making landfall Sunday night but still caused significant widespread damage, flooding, and forced residents and tourists into shelters. The storm reportedly injured over 135 people in Baja California.

Devastating winds of up to 125 mph overturned cars, destroyed homes, resorts, and other buildings in the area, and created dangerous flash floods all throughout the Baja area. Between 5-10 inches of rain also fell in the area as of Monday. The storm forced some 11,ooo local residents to seek refuge in makeshift storm shelters as the storm hit.

The devastation also sparked looting as hundreds of looters ransacked supermarkets, electronic stores, and convenience stores taking booze, toilet paper, water, rice, televisions, and basically anything else they could get their hands on. Mexico deployed over 1,000 troops to the disaster area. Most of the area is without running water and electricity.

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Photo credit: A/P