The Syrian Civil War has cost almost 120,000 lives and, yet, the media largely ignores the crisis instead choosing to report on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I am not claiming coverage of the the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not important but why ignore an event arguably just as important? Similarily, ISIS continues to obliterate any sense of stability in Iraq. In the city of Mosul, which is historically Christian, ISIS is commiting acts of genocide against the Christian people. ISIS has demanded Christians either convert or die and ISIS has fulfilled its promise - slaughtering Christians just because they are Christians. Where is the outrage? Where is the western media? Where are the pictures of dead women and children pasted all over Twitter? Where is the Obama administration demanding the protection of innocent people in Iraq? Crickets. Silence. Nothing. Hypocrisy.

Every human life on this planet is precious and important and absolutely every person deserves unmitigated respect for who they are regardless of religion, race, sexual preference, gender, location, and beliefs. When such basic liberties of human life are violated and people lose their lives as a result, media has a responsibility to report and hold governments around the world accountable. And governments across the world should be charged with ensuring all human life has such respect. If all people could have one thing in common, it should be an absolute regard for human life and the choices therein. If the western media fails to give the victims a voice, who can fill the void? Why can ISIS be allowed commit such heinous acts with no accountability? Why can the conflict go on in Syria without intervention from governments around the world? Speechless. Unacceptable. Incredulous. We must demand more.