For the third time, the "iCloud Hackers" have released a slew of new nude photographs of several celebrities. This time around images of model Cara Delevigne, actress Anna Kendrick, Carly Folks, Misty May-Treanor, Jennifer Lawrence, and several other actresses were posted to Reddit and 4chan.

The latest leak included at least 55 images of Jennifer Lawrence.

Kendrick appears fully clothed in all of the leaked images but some are party photos containing "revealing outfits."

The FBI launched an investigation into the matter following the first leak but has not found the culprits.

Apple has previously denied that iCloud itself was hacked. They claim the hackers actually used phishing scams to guess passwords. However, security researcher, Ibrahim Balic, previously warned the company that iCloud is susceptible to "brute force-hacking." Hackers were able to use software to "guess" passwords until they could find the right one. iCloud reportedly failed to lock the hackers out after multiple field attempts. Apple quietly patched this security issue weeks ago.

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