Students in Hong Kong have taken the city by storm as they continue to demand the resignation of the top Hong Kong politician in addition to governmental reform. Literally thousands of demonstrators have staged a sit in outside the office of Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying.

The demonstrators have threatened to overtake government buildings if their demands are not met while Chun-ying has refused to succumb to such demands. Both sides are digging in as the fifth night of massive demonstrations take place. Beijing has promised to response if things continue.

Students donned umbrellas to avoid being pepper sprayed by riot police. Students have clashed with the riot police over the past five days as students have blocked roads in the major financial district in Hong Kong and staged sit ins in front of government buildings.

The pro-Democracy protestors have promised to continue until their demands are met. Time will tell if the world will see a new Tiananmen Square incident or if demonstrators will get what they are asking for.

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Is civil disobedience across the globe inevitable?

Photo credit: A/P