In case you haven't already heard, late last night hackers released over 200,000 photos of Snapchat users, including nude photos of underage users.

The project of accessing and compiling the photos has apparently been going on for several years, but online chat forums such as 4chan had been buzzing with anticipation in recent days and weeks of something big, so this release does not come entirely as a shocker to some.

Snapchat has already issued a public statement saying that they are not responsible for this security breach and that the weak link was with third party apps. However, Snapchat's track record is less than stellar when it comes to security as they suffered two major hacks in the last year that were directly due to a lack of proper security on their part.

Either way, it's happened now and we can now ask questions like, "How did we get here?" How did it come to this?"

But seriously, take a moment and think about this: nude photos of underage users are now accessible to millions of people. THAT is bad. THAT should not have happened. WE should not have let that happen. Or did we have a choice? If we DID, this is on us.

Snapchat's average user is between the age of 13-17 years old. College students use the app too, though. Some of them probably use it as just another messaging app. Some use it to exchange nude photos of themselves and others. ALL are at the risk of being affected by either this hack or a future one.

Do I wish the hackers hadn't done this? Yes I do. Do I wish people would choose not to send nude photos of themselves to one another? Yes I do. If I want to see my significant other naked, I do it in person. It doesn't mean I'm better than you, and I don't think I am, either. BUT, it does mean that I'm not in danger of having nude photos of myself hacked by someone I don't know and made accessible to millions of people.

If you or someone you know uses Snapchat, I'd suggest that they stop sending nude photos of themselves.

Even better, watch what you say or take a photo of. Anything digital can be hacked. ANYTHING. If a human built it, a human can hack it. Period.

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