Two days ago, The Washington Times published a story claiming that when Condoleeza Rice was the National Security Adviser for President George W. Bush, she met with former New York Times Executive Editor, Jill Abramson and asked her to kill a story on the CIA being written by James Risen. The story explains how Ms.Rice asked for special treatment from the New York Times and spent a significant amount of time telling Abramson how damaging such a story about the CIA would be.

In the story published two days ago, Abramson recounts the episode with Ms. Rice with regret saying she wishes she would have ignored Ms. Rice's demands and moved forward with the story.

We wish she would have too. But, many of us were still ignorant about the length to which our government would go to protect the truth about its secret, illegal, and immoral actions being done under the guise of "national security".

Thanks to the patriotism of people like Edward Snowden, James Risen, Glenn Greenwald and others, American citizens are now beginning to understand that the United States government was not just conspiring against citizens in other countries, but against us as well. Against you. Against me.

Consider this quote from The Washington Times on March 25, 2014:

"When Vladimir Putin can claim, specious though the claim may be, to be a better friend of the American press than the president of the United States, that is a sad day. The First Amendment prevents such abuses here(so far), but its protections will surely disappear if we, the people, allow freedom of speech and its identical twin, freedom of the press, to wither when a cornered bureaucrat waves the flag of 'national security'"

When it comes to corruption and conspiracy to defraud the American public of many of its Constitutional rights and freedoms, it doesn't matter if a bureaucrat is a Democrat, Republican, or any other political party. The only distinction now is between those who are a part of the United State government's treachery and ill-will and those who are not.

The situation may seem hopeless, but we are not powerless...yet. Find ways to make your voice be heard at the local and national level. Speak out against ignorance and complacency. Encourage those around you to be active in their local and national governments. Speak out against corruption, abuse and any lack of transparency.

Focus. Persevere. Bravery, courage, and resistance to tyranny are core American values. It is time that we rekindle those among ourselves again.

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