Many of us have heard that history is written by the conqueror. Sometimes, however, history is erased by the conqueror as well. Some atrocities are too big to spin. This might be why the genocide committed by European settlers against the First Nation peoples is often mysteriously left out of our history books. Such atrocities continue to this day. In fact, it is taking place in Congress right now.

The House Armed Service Committe released a copy of the "Carl Levin and Howard P. 'Buck' McKeon National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015". Buried in this tomb of legislation is a deal to sell 2,400 acres of sacred Apache land in the Tonto National Forrest in Arizona. Who are we selling this to? An Australian-English mining company called Rio Tinto. Even more shocking are the ties that Rio Tinto has to Iran, through its projects in Africa. Apparently Rio Tinto has been asking Senator John McCain to sell the land to them for years because of its rich deposit of copper. After failing several times to pass a bill to sell the Native Lands, the deal has been sneakily sewed onto this NDAA Act.

It seems Senator John McCain picks and chooses which borders he cares about. He claims to care a lot about securing our border with Mexico, yet he is raping the First Nation people of their own borders. Apache advocates are trying to push against the bill, but the repeated attempts to pass the legislation show they are going unheard.

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