Congressman Massie recently revealed, during an interview with Glenn Beck, that 28 classified (redacted) pages from the investigative 9/11 report caused him to "rearrange his understanding of history." Although he did not go into specifics due to the sensitive nature of the report, he claims Americans ought to know the details. These details, according to the congressman, will create "anger, frustration, and embarrasment" amongst Americans. Massie goes on to claim "the American public and and the lawmakers in Washington need to read these pages and truly understand what truly caused 9/11 and who our friends are and who our enemies are."
As many as three congressman who have had access to the redacted pages are urging the Federal Government to de-classify the 28 pages. The said congressman have implicated two other governments, including Saudi Arabia, as the funding sources behind the terrorist attack that occured that day. What really happened on 9/11 and what will happen to public perception when these pages are finally declassified? The American public may not know for some time as many FOIA requests have been denied and the Obama Administration has stonewalled all attempts to release the redacted pages.

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