Greece's election results may end of being historic and will inevitably shift policy in a big way. Greece's economy has been mired by extensive debt and high unemployment. Greeks have expressed their disdain for the austerity measures put into place in an effort to pay down its massive debt owed to the European Union.

"The so-called "troika," the tripartite committee led by the European Commission with the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, bailed out the Greek government in 2010 and 2012 to the tune of 240 billion euros (or $283 billion)."

The austerity measures put in place to fund the debt include wage cuts for public sector employees, cuts to pensions, cuts to health and education spending, and increased taxes across the board. "The Greek government also agreed to sell off its Hellenic Telecom Telekom for 400 million euros and stakes in various banks, utilities, ports, airports and land holdings."

The austerity measures caused nation-wide demonstrations that included 100,000 protestors who gathered before the Greek parliament in 2011.

Greece's far-left party, Syriza, has promised to end austerity and will become the first anti-austerity party to rule in Europe (if exit polls are confirmed). Exit polls indicate Syriza won 35.11 percent of the vote - leaving the ruling New Democracy party in second place with 29.22 percent.

Keep tuned as the election results are confirmed. This election very well could cause some waves across the European Union.