If you have not been following the IRS targeting scandal, you should catch up on the all the developments - if you're ready to roll your eyes, laugh, and maybe even throw something. The IRS has been under a congressional investigaton for over two years and the investigators still can't get all of the "evidence" to complete the process. The talking points of the Obama Administration have changed significantly since the investigation began. At first, the targeting was blamed on some rogue, isolated agents in the Cincinatti office. Now the IRS official, Lois Lerner, who headed up that division while targeting took place is pleading the 5th and won't talk. Congressional investigators have been working feverishly to obtain her emails, and seven others implicated in the scandal. Apparently ALL EIGHT of the people implicated lost all of their emails because their "hard drives crashed." But they only "lost" the emails generated between 2009 and 2011. Ironically, that time frame is paramount to finding the truth about what type of targeting occured and whether or not the White House is implicated.
The notion that emails have been lost because of a hard drive crash is simply laughable to anyone possessing even the most basic IT knowledge. Emails are stored on servers, not local hard drives... Furthermore, if the IRS has been using Microsoft Exchange, redundacy is built into server capacity. Fortunately, the "dog ate my emails" excuse didn't prove to be convincing enough to a federal judge; consequently, the IRS has been ordered to testify, under oath, on the situation. This could get ugly, fast. But at least the American people may finally get to know the truth about the targeting that reportedly took place leading up to the 2012 elections.

If this level of targeting actually took place, an egregious violation of constitutional rights has taken place and should raise serious concerns for all Americans - regardless of ones political persuasion. Lets hope investigators get to the bottom of this scandal for the sake of protecting everyone's rights.

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