Radical Muslim Cleric, Amjem Choudary, once again makes headlines by making remarks in support of ISIS. Sparring with NewsmaxTV host Steve Malzberg Thursday afternoon, Choudary claims that ISIS is vindicated in burning a Jordanian pilot alive because Allah approves of such actions.

"What's your take on what happened to that pilot? Do you approve of what happened to that pilot?" Malzberg asked.

"Well having seen the clip for the first time this morning, I can see that it has several intended affects. One of them is to terrorize the enemy, and I think it's had that effect," Choudary said. "It's had a huge propaganda effect all around the world. Now, if you want to look at this from a Islamic perspective, what they are arguing is that it is reciprocation."

"The fact is that the pilots, not just this Jordanian one but many others via drones and other bombing campaigns have burnt a lot of bad women and children, and indiscriminately. Obviously we don't see the pictures and images of those because they are not available," Choudary said. "But hundreds of thousands of Muslims are being killed, most of them by aerial bombardment in Syria and Iraq and, obviously before, in Afghanistan."

"And what these people are saying is this is reciprocation. So they have a juristic argument to retaliate in a similar manner," Choudary continued, "this is what Allah said in the Quran: fight them back the way that they fight you."

"So I'm asking you, this is condoned by Muhammad?" This is what Muhammad taught and would teach? Is that what you're saying?" asked an exasperated Malzberg. "Is this justified?"

"In defensive jihad…in this scenario, whatever the Muslims can do within the realms of the acceptable behavior, they are doing. And part of that is terrorizing the enemy."