Apple has been known to innovate and introduce game-changing technology but is the prestigious company now working on a car? Rumors have swirled since reports surfaced about the tech-giant allegedly making efforts to poach Tesla staff last year. Apple reportedly offered 60% pay increases and $250,000 bonuses to lure Tesla's best employees away for a secret Apple project, codenamed 'Titan.'

Apple has all but confirmed its efforts to design some type of electric car and reportedly has 'several hundred' employees working on the top-secret project. Staff such as Mercedes-Benz R&D head Johann Jungwirth, who joined Apple as a Mac systems engineering leader last fall, have reportedly been working on the project. Steve Zadesky, formerly of Ford, is also on the project.

What does Apple have up it's sleeve this time?

The video below captures a van, which is reportedly leased to Apple, driving in New York. The van has a number of sensors all over the vehicle. Similar sightings of such vehicles have been reported in Hawaii and California, as well.

Photo Credit: Apple Insider