Do you ever get tired of the hassle of buying food, preparing it everyday and cleaning up afterwards? Do you ever wish that you could just take a pill or drink something everyday and be done with it? Well, if you do, then there's a product that might make that dream a reality.

If you haven't heard of it yet, there is a product out there called Soylent that promises to contain all the nutritional requirements an adult needs in a drink. Yes, a drink. No more weekly trips to the grocery store, meal planning, cooking or heavy clean up duty. Just add water and you're good to go.

The new food substitute drink was developed by sofware engineer Rob Rhinehart, who was dissatified by the time and money he spent on creating nutritionally complete meals. After months of trial and error, which was a very interesting process that you can read about in his blog, Rhinehart developed a drink that met all the nutritional requirements for an adult.

Rhinehart called his creation Soylent, after Harry Harrison's 1966 science fiction novel Make Room! Make Room! He received financing from a crowdfunding campaign on Tilt and venture capital that raised over $3.5 million for further research and development, and a commercial version of Soylent was launched in May 2014.

The drink contains loads of nutritional ingredients you can read about here and is shipped to your door in a pouch. One week's worth of meals can be purchased for $85 while a month's worth is currently at $300, unless you subscribe every month in which you receive a discount.

What does it taste like? Well, it depends on your palate. Rhinehart describes the tast as "minimal," "broad" and "nonspecific." While others have deemed it bland or boring, and even rich, creamy and satisfying.

While Soylent is receiving a lot of attention it isn't the first drink of its kind. There are other medical food drinks that exist that provide the nutritional requirements for people to live on. What makes Soylent different is its ability to be customized and its affordability.

Is a post-food future on the horizon? I, for one, love the taste of food and don't mind the preparation and clean up, not to mention the social aspects of eating real food. Even Rhinehart himself admits that most people would be better using Soylent as a meal replacer for unhealthy meals and not as a sole source of food. But you never know, perhaps this drink or others like it will start to become the norm, and in the near future people with drink their food instead of eating it.

Photo Credit: Soylent