While spending some time with African leaders, President Obama flashed an Islamic Salute that was captured by the Associated Press. Supporters of Obama say it is an overreaction, and that he was just trying to promote peace. However, many critics are upset with situation, saying it proves Obama is a Muslim and that he flashed the sign to not only show his solidarity with Muslims around the world, but also to prove that he is a Muslim.

The hand sign is a closed fist with the index finger pointing up. The thumb is pressed against the middle finger, and the middle finger is often seen held a bit higher than the ring and pinky fingers. The hand sign is a distinct Muslim sign. The extended index finger is symbolic of the following belief: there is but one God and Muhammad is his messenger. Anyone who displays this hand gesture is claiming that they are a Muslim.

At this time, no major media outlets have reported on this story. Feel free to check out some of the photos on your own. You'll also see photos of Islamic Extremists who are flashing the same hand sign, some of them holding heads of people they just beheaded. Please note that some of the images are very graphic.