I have always found lists of the richest people fascinating. I also find them inspirational, especially stories of those who truly pursued and achieved the American Dream. Now we could debate what 'the American Dream' really is, while including that money and success aren't the only things that make up this dream. There are many things America offers people that are priceless - life, liberty, the freedom to live how and where you want, along with the independence to pursue who we want to be and what we want to do with our lives. Money and success are only a couple of measures we have for those who have truly achieved the American Dream. And for many, those may be of little importance or possibly only one piece of their overall dream. However, none of that repudiates the significance and impact all of these young billionaires have had on the world we live in. Therefore, I think it's important to study Forbes' list and know the young Americans who have achieved great things.

15. Chase Coleman, III

Chase, at age 39, owns Tiger Global Management hedge fund, which oversees over 14 billion in assets. In 2014, Tiger grew 15% net of fees, making it the top performing hedge fund in the first six months of the year. Chase lives in New York and is worth 2.1 billion.

14. Nicholas Woodman

Everyone should know this mans name since he is the founder and CEO of GoPro, a small camera that can be attached to just about anything. Nicholas has changed the way we look at the world, with up and close video capturing surfers, mountain bikers, sky divers, and more from a perspective that very few of us every get to see. GoPro went public in June of 2014, tripling his net worth. Nicholas is 39 years old and worth 2.4 billion.

13. Jan Koum

Jan started the company WhatsApp, recently bought by Facebook and now the worlds largest mobile messaging service with over 600 million users worldwide. Jan moved to America when he was 16 years old. He and his mother lived on government assistance, and then her disability when she was diagnosed with cancer. However, a job at Yahoo changed everything for Jan. He worked there for nine years before leaving in 2007 and launching WhatsApp in 2009. Jan is 39 years old and worth 6.8 billion.

12. Jack Dorsey

Jack helped found Twitter and also founded Square, the mobile payments app which literally turned every smart phone into a credit card processing machine. However, Jack still derives most of his wealth from his share in Twitter. Worth 2.7 billion, Jack is 38 years old.

11. Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila

Alejandro inherited his families fortune from a beer company. His father, Julio Mario, died in 2011, leaving all three of his sons a portion of the company's wealth. Julio Mario owned Bavaria brewery, which has since been sold for over 10 billion. Alejandro saw the majority of this wealth and he is now 38 years old and worth 4.7 billion.

10. Travis Kalanick

Travis is the Cofounder and CEO of Uber Technologies, a service where anyone can sign up who has a car. That person is a driver and can make themselves available to pick up and transport people who contact Uber for service. In other words, Uber is a new and innovative taxi-cab service that uses you and I as the drivers. Uber continues to grow and spread across American cities. Travis is 38 years old and worth 5.3 billion.

9. Robert Pera

Robert started working at Apple in 2003, but left two years later to start Ubiquiti Networks. Ubiquiti is a software and systems communications technology company that keeps costs low to out-compete established competitors on price. For example, they have a Wi-Fi amplification system that can provide internet access to as few as 10 people for more than 10,000 customers within a 36-mile radius. Robert is 36 years old and worth nearly 2 billion.

8. Sean Parker

You may remember him from the movie 'Facebook', played by Justin Timberlake. Sean is the cofounder of Napster and the founding Facebook president. Sean now gives most of his attention to politics, giving millions to both political parties in past years. Sean is 35 years old and worth 2.5 billion.

....1-7 will be revealed in Part II.