An Arkansas mother showed how the new Common Core standards are dumbing down our kids, and therefore, revealing the incompetence of our government and those in power who are implementing these standards in schools across the nation.

Karen Lamoreaux appeared before the Arkansas Board of Education and all she had to do was ask one simple question (or one that appeared to be simple) to point out how absurd the Common Core standards are.

The Arkansas mother of three asked the board a math question. She asks, "are you smarter than a Common Core fourth grader? Let's find out. The problem is: Mr. Yamato's class has 18 students. If the class counts around by a number and ends with 90, what number did they count by?"

A woman on the board answered five, and Lamoreaux asked how she got that number. The board member answered that she divided 90 by 18.

"You know why?", answered Lamoreaux, "Because that's what makes sense, right? That's the way we were taught to do it in the fourth grade level. This, however, is what the Common Core Standards expect our fourth graders to do. If they solve it in those two steps they get it marked wrong. They are expected to draw 18 circles with 90 hash-marks solving this problem in exactly 108 steps."

"Board members, this is not rigorous. This is not college ready. This is not preparing our children to compete in a global economy," she said. "This is not working. And it's not what they told you it would be."