In their "Bias-Free Language Guide", the University of New Hampshire has labeled the word 'American' as problematic.

According to the introduction to their guide, "Universities are places to look at the world in new ways. As a university organization, we care about the life of the mind. We offer this guide as a way to promote discussion and to facilitate creative and accurate expression."

"This guide is meant to invite inclusive excellence in our campus community. Each step of inclusion moves us closer to a full democracy... The guide presents practical revisions in our common usage that can make a difference and break barriers relating to diversity."

Under 'Race, Ethnicity, Culture and Immigrant Status', it is preferred to use the terms "U.S. citizen" or "Resident of the U.S.". The term 'American' is listed problematic. It's noted that Americans often use 'American' which usually, depending on the context, fails to recognize South America.