The majority of my articles on this site are in reference to music; hip-hop to be exact. There is something about music, especially hip-hop that stirs my emotions. Good art has a way to educate and communicate truth, which in turn can be a catalyst for cultural change. Andy Mineo just released his sophomore album yesterday, and the hype surrounding his latest release does not disappoint. I've been a fan of his work since his since his earliest mix-tape "Formerly Known," but his newest release "Uncomfortable" sets the bar on a whole different level. Executively produced by !llmind, "Uncomfortable" is not only Mineo's best work, but has potential for mainstream accolades as it currently sits at #1 on the iTunes charts. Although from an independent label ReachRecords, Mineo has gained traction over the past couple years by touring with well-known label mate Lecrae, and has had several appearances on Shade 45's Sway in the Morning. His fan base has also grown significantly as seen through his victory in ESPN's bracket challenge The Whammies, beating out musical icons Taylor Swift, Metallica, and Frank Sinatra.

Mineo's musical style has always been eclectic, and "Uncomfortable" follows the same trend as he raps over classical instruments, brass, Spanish guitar, as well as traditional hip-hop beats. Lyrically, Mineo has never been afraid to push the envelope and engage the culture by speaking his mind. Whether he is speaking about relationships, politics, or the shallowness of the hip-hop industry, Mineo works to tear down false perceptions of reality and help change the listener's worldview:

"I apologize for Christians with pickets saying "God hates fags", I promise Jesus wouldn't act like that."

"Cuz (2)Pac did a lot more for me than Barak."

"Cuz art critics are just artists that never made it. What I care what you sayin', I'm to busy creatin'."

"My home-girl started strippin', I said "chill, get your degree." She told me Andy you trippin', you don't make more money than me."

"All glory to the Most High all the praise be, got these other rappers sweatin' like they need the AC."

"We know the news never tell the truth so we go to Twitter for our information."

"You wanna know the real problem with America, it has been and always will be . . . me."

"Doctors don't have patience for their patients so they just send em to that pharmaceutical."

"Uncomfortable" is musically diverse, but traditionally hip-hop at its core: lyrics that provoke deep thought rapped over great beats. Mineo has said in several interviews he hopes this album will "disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed." I think he achieved his goal. Do you?

Will you get Uncomfortable?

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