Shoddy Thinking is Costly

Whether a decision involves finances, education, family, career, or any other infinite number of scenarios, a lack of critical thinking will lead to a poorer quality of life and an overall intellectually stunted society.


Critical thinking is the ART of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view to improving it. Building one's self into a critical thinker is much more a process of practice than an intellectual gift. Excellence in thought requires careful and intentional cultivation.

The Potential for YOU as a Critical Thinker

Morphing yourself into a critical thinker holds the potential for numerous benefits such as the ability to:

- raise vital questions and problems in a clear and precisely communicated manner

- gather and assess relevant data while using abstract ideas to interpret findings

- come to reasonable conclusions while also testing them against other relevant conclusions

- engage with alternate viewpoints and perspectives in a constructive manner

- recognizing and assessing your own and others' assumptions and biases

-find effective solutions to complex problems

The 4 S's

1. Self-direction

2. Self-discipline

3. Self-monitoring

4. Self-correction


With the help of the 4 S's you can develop into a critical thinker who can overcome the egocentrism and sociocentrism that plagues our culture.

Be a Daily Scholar!!