FACT: The current US national debt is over 19 trillion dollars. It grows by 1 million dollars every minute and the interest payments on it alone will be the 3rd largest federal program by 2021.

FACT: The national debt has grown by 9 trillion dollars since 2008

FACT: The US is now borrowing money to pay for the interest on the money it has borrowed.

FACT: There is no end in sight, and there is no plan to pay off this debt.

FACT: If left unchecked, the potential fallout from the financial burden of an unpaid national debt will cause the US to face a threat to its economy that will make the crash of 2008 look like a grain of sand on a beach.

FACT: This issue is largely being ignored by those who have the power to create a solution for the problem.

FACT: The global economy is shifting, and the indicators point to volatile, dangerous times ahead for the US economy.

FACT: This website will give you nightmares.