It's become common, and even assumed, that politicians will lie about almost anything to get elected. When I evaluate the 2016 Presidential candidates, I find it hard to believe all of them all of the time. But one stands out to me to be the best of the best when it comes to lying - Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State and First Lady has flip-flopped on gay marriage and lied multiple times about her emails that were linked to a private server. She has also talked about being hard on Wall Street, when it's a fact that [four out of her five top donors]( during her political career have been financial institutions. She lied about being under "sniper fire" during her trip to Bosnia, when video footage shows evidence of no such danger. She also lied about supporting/opposing NAFTA (an agreement her husband signed into law), attacking fellow Democrats on healthcare and even her own core principles. There's no reason for us to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. It is well-documented that Hillary Clinton will lie about almost anything. Watch the video so you can decide for yourself. %youtube%