In his recent interview with Wired magazine, Edward Snowden asserts that a covert team of NSA hackers temporarily caused an internet blackout to all of Syria when their operation to steal data from that country malfunctioned. To say that until now no one had any idea that this blackout was caused by the US government is an understatement.

This new revelation is stunning, but should come as no surprise. The NSA reaches far beyond what most people can even imagine, and their power is as terrifying as it belligerent. Snowden relayed to Wired magazine that he fears the American public will eventually succumb to information overload and start ignoring the illegal and threatening activity of the NSA.

Snowden's latest claims have met with scrutiny and retorts that such claims are difficult to substantiate. However, it would behoove us to consider how many other things Snowden has been right about.

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