It what is clearly becoming a case of attempted genocide, ISIS ransacked a Yazidi village and killed at least 80 men. An unknown number of women and children were also abducted. ISIS is calling for Yazidis and Christians to "convert or die." ISIS has posted grotesque images of beheaded, crucified, and murdered "infidels" on Twitter.

Yazidis, a Kurdish-speaking ethnoreligious people, practice an ancient syncretic religion which blends teachings from Islam, pre-Islamic Assyrian traditions, Nestorian Christianity, and Zoroastrianism. About 600,000 Yazidis live near the Christian city of Mosul, Iraq. Yazidis have been driven from their homes from the threat of ISIS militants. Read more about the religious practices and beliefs of the Yazidi people from the Huffington Post.

Christians have lived in Mosul for centuries but were recently driven from their homes by ISIS. Many of the Christians have fled to the mountains where they have been without food and water. Many of the Christians have died from starvation and thirst.

Obama recently authorized humanitarian airdrops to provide aid to the Christians and Yazidis. He also ordered "limited" airstikes against the ISIS militants to help protect Yazidis and Christians in the area. Experts have warned how dangerous the ISIS militants have become as they have taken over large parts of both Syria and Iraq. Militants currently control a dam near Baghdad. The dam helps with electrical needs but could also be used as a weapon if militants decided to compromise the structure - the dam could flood Baghdad.

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