The international aid group, Doctors Without Borders, claims the deadly Ebola virus is spreading faster than anticipated and may take 6 months to get the epidemic under control.

In what has been the deadliest recorded outbreak of Ebola, over 1,145 lives have already been claimed while over 2,000 have been infected. The World Health Organization has warned the extent of the epidemic has been "vastly underestimated." Several Western African countries have already closed their borders and deployed the military to help control the situation.

The outbreak in Western Africa has been aided by burial practices of the African people. And factions of religious groups in the region have also been skeptical of authorities and have taken treatment into their own hands.

Experts believe Ebola is much easier to treat in places like Europe and the United States as medical care is more readily available. Standard infection control techniques greatly help avert the spread of the virus.

Current Infection/Death Toll:

Guinea: 519 infected, 380 dead (73% death rate)
Liberia: 786 infected, 413 dead (53% death rate) Nigeria: 12 infected, 4 dead (33% death rate) Sierra Leone: 810 infected, 348 deaths (43% death rate)

Total: 2127 infected, 1,145 dead (54% death rate)

Read more about Ebola from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention here.

Photo Credit: Fuse/Thinkstock