Interesting enough there is a rise in legal battles on the "lack" of treatment for obesity in America.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, not completely. Obesity and morbid obesity is a complicated metabolic disease that is still being researched continuously by several healthcare organization on a regular basis. Thankfully adult obesity has started to level out but adolescent and morbid obesity continues to rise in the United States. What is the risk of people with obesity? Well, A LOT! With increased adipose tissue aka fat cells, comes an increase in inflammation within the organs causing a lot of problems. For starters...body aches, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, thyroid disfunction, stroke, and much much more. Obesity seems to be a perpetual cycle: obesity leads to decreased health, decreased health leads to depression and anxiety, which then leads to worsening health, and thus worsening obesity. See where I am going with this.

So where does the law suits come into this equations. Well, according to most patients, healthcare providers are not addressing OBESITY at all and if they are they are not considering it as a DISEASE. This mindset is not only contributing to and exacerbating the problem. Yes, in my opinion there is a reasonable portion of the responsibility on the patient but health care providers are there to help EDUCATE and treat their patients for their diseases. Obesity is now considered a DISEASE! There are new medications that can be helpful and new guidelines to help with better treatment and management of obesity.

So is it crazy, well...
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