Derek Jeter is going out with a bang. This future hall of famer has spent his entire career with the New York Yankees and plans to retire at the end of this year's season. He has broken multiple records and has become our generation's "baseball hero." Some people think he will be as well known in history as Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig, but I have my doubts. Not that he is as not as worthy a player, but for the not-so-avid baseball fans (like myself- my husband keeps me informed of all sports happenings) there are only so many sports legends. I. e. Basketball has michael Jordan. Everyone knows of him but I dare say if I weren't married to a sports follower I probably still wouldn't know (nor care) who LeBron James was-and some put him up there with Michael Jordan. So is there room for another baseball giant in history? Time will tell.
But I (having had an aunt die of Lou Gehrig's disease aka ALS) commend anyone and especially Derek Jeter for honoring this past baseball hero and help fund the cause to find a cure for this awful disease. He took the icy plunge and challenged others to do the same. Kudos to Derek Jeter. That makes him a baseball hero in my book.

See Derek Jeter getting iced here.