Can you imagine printing your food, yes printing, instead of going to the grocery store or cooking your own food? While this exact idea may be several years away German companies and some U.S. Companies are doing some incredible things with 3D printing. They're using it to make food. Actual food, like the kind that tastes good.

One of the more successful projects is Biozoon's Smoothfood, which was developed to print food for senior citizens in retirement and assisted living communities. Those communities have a major need for food that their residents do not need to chew. But rather than feeding them baby food for adults, Smoothfood creates melt-in-your-mouth food (literally) from fresh ingredients using a 3D printer. The food looks like food, tastes like food, but has the consistency of puree that prevents residents from choking.

The main questions on our mind: how does it work and how does it taste? Munchies spoke with Sandra Forstner, a project manager at Biozoon, about the 3D food. According to Forstner, it's actually quite delicious. They use cauliflower, peas, chicken, pork, potatoes and pasta to make their foods. It's bound together with a top secret, safe for consumption product (not agar.)

The food puree is injected into the printer as "ink", and out comes the final product. The printer is controlled by software that determines the shape and you can set the shape to match the food: carrot puree is printed in the shape of diced carrots, but with the texture of roasted carrots.

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A South Carolina-based company, unveiled what it's billing as "the world's first and only professional-certified, kitchen-ready 3D food printer." It can print sugar, chocolate or candy in pretty much any design imaginable.

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