Tensions between China and the United States have heated over as evidenced by some odd exchanges over the past several months. China has warned the United States to stay out of the island dispute (South China Sea) it has with Japan. The two countries have also exchanged terse words over accusations of cyber-espionage. China claims the United States is using American technology companies to insert backdoors and spyware (Cisco, Apple) to spy on the country. China has since banned many products from being used within the Chinese government.

Most recently, a Chinese fighter jet did a barrel roll over a U.S. Navy aircraft, coming within feet of the plane. The Chinese fighter jet made several passes at the jet over international airspace 135 miles east of Hainan Island. The Pentagon has condemned the exchange calling it "very dangerous" and "unprofessional." With tensions rising between the East and the West, will some type of diplomatic exchange help de-escalte any further escalation?

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