Iran claims it shot down an Israeli stealth drone that was approaching a nuclear site in the center of the country. The Natanz nuclear enrichment site houses roughly 16,000 centrifuges.

Israel has accused the P+5 powers (U.K., U.S., China, France, Russia) of naïveté for lifting economic sanctions from the Iranian economy in exchange of very little. The agreement between P+5 and Iran was extended another six months in July. Israel claims Iran is working to develop nuclear weapons. Iran contends its only intention with its' nuclear programs is to produce fuel for its' Bushehr nuclear power plant.

Israel has threatened, on numerous occasions, to attack the nuclear installments in Iran.

The Revolutionary Guard of Iran claims the Israeli stealth mission "demonstrates a new adventurism by the Zionist regime... The Revolutionary Guard and the other armed forces reserve the right to respond to this act."

Will this latest interaction between Iran and Israel expand the unrest in the Middle East?

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